At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, activist and organizer Heather Booth helped register voters in Mississippi. She then became a go-to strategist for causes like women’s rights and an advisor to political leaders. Learn more about Booth’s legacy.

This film gives an overview of 50 years of the progressive movement, and serves as a manual from one of its behind-the-scenes leaders on how to become an organizer.

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World Channel PrimeTime Broadcast:

March 11 at 8pm ET
March 12 at 1am ET, 9am ET, 3pm ET
March 17 at 5 am ET
On: WLIW/New York, KOCE/Los Angeles, KUHT/Houston, WGBH/Boston and many more!

KQED/San Francisco:
March 11 at 5pm
March 12 at 6am, 12pm

KUEN/Utah Education Network/Salt Lake City:
March 9 at 9pm
March 12 at 2am

March 11 at 11pm
March 12 at 7am on WORLD

KPBS/San Diego:
March 12 at 12pm

KNME/New Mexico:
March 12 at 7am, 1pm

March 12 at 9am

Vermont PBS/Burlington:
March 12 at 9am and 3pm

March 13 at 12am

March 16 at 8pm

KCET/ Los Angeles:
March 15 at  2pm
Streaming March 15-21

KAET/Arizona PBS/Phoenix:
March 18 at 8pm

KLVX/Vegas PBS/Las Vegas:
March 21 at 4pm
March 23 at 3pm
On Jackpot! 111 Cable Channel

March 23 11:30pm
March 24 at 12pm
March 30 at 12pm

KCPT/Kansas City:
March 24 at 3pm

WMPT/Maryland Public Television/Baltimore:
March 24 at 6pm

Blue Ridge PBS/Roanoke:
March 12 at 9am
March 27 at 12:30pm

April 3 at 11pm
On KET2 channel

NJTV/New York:
March 24 at 1pm

KLCS/Los Angeles:
March 12 at 10 pm
March 13 at 4am

March 12 at 1am, 9am, 3pm
On GPB Knowledge Channel

March 10 at 3pm

March 12 at 12am, 8am


Heather Booth: Changing the World

A Film by Lilly Rivlin



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