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In the Summer of 2017, The Veteran Feminists of America launched this entirely new website. At that time, the original website (2007 – March, 2017) was frozen and moved to this contemporary site. Everything has been preserved in its original form. In keeping with our mission, we are dedicated to Feminism, in particular the Second Wave, and making our history available to researchers, students and all who are interested.

You may note that some of the Legacy website links might be broken, as over time the pathways have changed. Proper name links have been redacted for security but you can reach us on the current website for clarification on an individual’s status. We are happy to put you in touch when it is possible.

Easy access to favorite Legacy Site sections and pages

Legacy Website Homepage

Visit the rich and robust VFA website which covers our stories, photos, arts, events 2007 – March 1, 2017. It also is home to all our records from our founding, May 1992.

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Legacy Archive Pages

Founding Records (Past Events)
Our Oldest Records, May 1992 – April 2000

VFA Archive Page
Archives 1999 – 2007

VFA Special Interests Page
2000 – 2007

View Past Events from 1999 – 2016

Click on button to the right to see previous VFA Celebrations & Honors.

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Our Fabulous Feminists
Biography Pages

This is the original Our Fabulous Feminists Biography pages of the VFA website that was closed on March 1, 2017. Explore biographies of VFA members here.

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Legacy Obituary Pages

This is the original Obituary page of the VFA website that was closed on March 1, 2017. Explore obituaries of VFA members here.

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VFA Video Archive

For use by researchers, educators and students, VFA has converted DVD to MP4 format the complete unabridged videos of its reunions, conferences and awards events from 1993 to 2016. Leaders and activists reminisce about their experiences in the company of sister/fellow feminists. VFA made this historic treasure possible by presenting more than 25 major feminist events throughout the United States and videotaping them for posterity.

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