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Feminist Stories from Women's LiberationJennifer Hall Lee
Jennifer Hall Lee Speaker Page

Jennifer wanted to be an independent filmmaker and make her own movies. She directed a film about a little-known southwestern architect  who had done ground-breaking work called MARY JANE COLTER: THE DESERT VIEW.  FEMINIST: STORIES FROM WOMEN’S LIBERATION won “Best of the Fest” documentary at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival. It explores the significance of the second wave of the women’s liberation movement and the effect it has on our lives. Interviewees include author and NOW founder Betty Friedan, authors and activists Frances M. Beal, Robin Morgan, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Betita Martinez among other feminists. Jennifer continues to make films and is currently at work on a feature documentary set in Atlanta, Georgia. She also directs and edits short films for organizations.

Among her films:
Feminist: Stories From Women’s Liberation
Mary Jane Colter: The Desert View

She's Beautiful When She's AngryMary Dore

Mary Dore Speaker Page

Mary Dore is an award-winning documentary producer who brings an activist perspective to her films.  Dore grew up in Auburn, Maine and began her career working with a Boston film collective that produced independent historical documentaries, including Children of Labor (1977) which premiered at the New York Film Festival.  She has produced television series for Maine Public Broadcasting and 13/WNET in New York. She produced and co-directed the feature documentary The Good Fight: the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War (with Noel Buckner and Sam Sills), which screened at the Toronto, Sundance, and London Film Festivals.  She has produced dozens of television documentaries for PBS, New York Times TV, A&E, and the Discovery Channel. Her TV work has won Emmys, Cine Golden Eagles, and Cable Ace Awards.

Among her films:
She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Heather Booth, Changing the WorldLilly Rivlin

Lilly Rivlin is an award winning independent filmmaker based in New York. She has produced and directed many documentaries about women who are political activists. Lilly was the 2013-14 recipient of the Miller Distinguished Jewish Woman Filmmaker Award.

Among her films:
Heather Booth, Changing the World
Esther Broner, A Weave of Women

Inez Milholland ~ Forward Into LightMartha Wheelock
Martha Wheelock Speaker Page

Martha has combined education and filmmaking for over three decades when she discovered that there were so very few films about women and women’s history for the “new” subject area – Women’s Studies.

When Women celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their Right to Vote in 1970, Martha marched down 5th Avenue, NYC; for the 75th Anniversary, she produced the first of her Women’s History Films, VOTES FOR WOMEN. For the Centennial of California Women’s suffrage, her film CALIFONIA WOMEN WIN THE VOTE, was the centerpiece of that celebration.

Among her films:
Inez Milholland ~ Forward into Light
California Women Win the Vote
One Fine Day
Votes for Women