Dr. Eleanor Pam and the Pamela Smart Case

The Pamela Smart Case and some commentary by Dr. Eleanor Pam who has fought for her freedom for nearly 30 years. After reviewing all the footage for the Dateline show on Monday, July 29, the producers have decided to televise the Pamela Smart portion of the interviews and simultaneously post a separate piece on Eleanor and her work on [...]

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Obituary for Barbara Materka, Fighter for Women’s Rights and Human Rights

Barbara F. Materka, a lifelong fighter for human rights and women's rights, died peacefully in her home on Turtle Creek Blvd at the age of 99, surrounded by loving family in the days preceding her death. Barbara was a member of the VFA, and SMU student interviews of her can be viewed in our "Fabulous Feminists" ebook. She served [...]

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Megan Rapinoe on the Politics of Division and Equal Pay

From the New York Times, "Megan Rapinoe Steals the Show at the Women's World Cup Parade." There were words of gratitude, the usual forgettable verbiage from public officialdom and a presentation of the keys to the city. Then the people gathered at the City Hall rally for the United States women’s soccer team on Wednesday finally got to hear from [...]

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