The Pamela Smart Case and some commentary by Dr. Eleanor Pam who has fought for her freedom for nearly 30 years.

After reviewing all the footage for the Dateline show on Monday, July 29, the producers have decided to televise the Pamela Smart portion of the interviews and simultaneously post a separate piece on Eleanor and her work on the website at You will find the interview with Eleanor at the bottom of the page.

We know Dr. Eleanor Pam, President of Veteran Feminists of America, to be supportive of women in trouble, with “a special and ongoing interest in areas involving women and violence, and especially incarcerated women.”  Issues of rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence and women  in prison has been a major feminist focus throughout her 34 years as a professor at the City University of New York; during 8 years of service as a Member of Rudolph Giuliani’s Mayoral Commission to Combat Family Violence; during her founding and directing of the Domestic Violence Research Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and its Inmate Education Program, her participation in two think tanks with the FBI at Quantico Virginia around the epidemic of intimate abuse by police officers and also homicide-suicide atrocities committed by members of the  law enforcement community.

All this on top of a passionate commitment to gender equality for women and girls in every iteration–past, present and future.

But it is Eleanor’s involvement in the case of Pamela Smart – and her belief in the innocence of a woman whose case was decided with prejudice, based not on the facts (because the actual perpetrators admitted to the murder of Pamela’s husband), but on a sensational media portrayal that embodied all the worst characteristics that society projects onto women.

Read some of Eleanor’s comments here [introduction to Pamela Smart’s website], along with some of the commentaries about the sensationalism of this, the first televised trial and the story that was presented in the movie Captivated – The Trials and Tribulations of Pamela Smart. Then watch Dateline on Monday, July 29 at 10pm to witness some of the ongoing work of one of our premiere Second Wave pioneer feminists!

The case will also be featured on 20/20, Nightline and Good Morning America on ABC. Dates and times to be announced.