A new youth-led group is working hard to further one of the most important causes we have been fighting for. They are looking for people and groups to join their coalition. Please check out the links below and see what they are doing!

Generation Gender Equality is a coalition of groups that are youth-led, have high youth engagement, and/or strive to be more inclusive of the youth generation. This is a coalition of groups, ranging from college campus organizations to the National Organization For Women, all working towards a more equitable future through advocating for gender equality legislation.

Our goal is to create an inclusive team of organizations fighting for issues that fall at the intersection of gender equality. Our power in numbers and dedication will allow for an unstoppable team, comprised of different groups who come together to achieve equality for all genders through creative demonstrations, projects, and initiatives. Please check out this document with specifics of what being apart of the coalition would entail.

Our first initiative as a coalition is a letter writing campaign to urge the House of Representatives to pass H.J Resolution 79, the piece of legislation that would remove the arbitrary deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment. We are not only collecting both physical and digital letters, which you can find more info about at this link, but we are also collecting signatures on our Generation Gender Equality Coalition Letter. We are aiming for 1,923 signatures as 1923 was the year the amendment was introduced. These letters will be hand-delivered to members of the House of Representatives. Regardless of if you join the coalition or not, if you could amplify our sign-on letter or write a letter on behalf of your organization, that would be greatly appreciated.

In solidarity,

Belan Yeshigeta


Assistant Director of Generation Ratify