VFA Speakers

Jerin Arif

Jerin Arifa is an award-winning community organizer and communications specialist, who co-created the campus sexual assault policy for the largest urban public university in the nation. She brought together diverse community stakeholders–media, legislators, staff, faculty, students, and University Board of Trustees–in a collaborative process of discovering needs and defining a desired policy. As a first-generation Bangladeshi and Muslim-American feminist, Jerin leverages her multicultural background to deliver successful communications strategies for a variety of organizations, ranging from commercial real estate to nonprofits. As the Founder and President of the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) inaugural virtual chapter, Young Feminists and Allies, she works on youth development across the U.S. Jerin’s work has appeared in diverse outlets from The Huffington Post to Cosmopolitan, and she presents regularly to local, national and international audiences.

Jerin Arifa


  • Young Feminists / Intergenerational Feminism
  • Islam & Islamophobia
  • Religious Feminism
  • Coalition-Building
  • Policy Change
  • Campus Sexual Assault
  • Intersectionality
  • Global Feminisms
  • Race & Racism
  • Law & Politics
  • Work & Business
  • Gender-Based Violence


  • Speaker, panel, TV, radio print


  • Travel and expenses, honorarium, based on the opportunity


  • Depends on availability