VFA Speakers

Eleanor Pam, Ph.D.

Eleanor holds three advanced degrees and is Professor Emerita at the City University of New York.  An expert on women and violence, her principal focus includes women in prison, women’s prisons, sexual harassment, domestic violence, gender discrimination, rape and gender injustice. She served on the New York City Commission to Combat Family Violence for eight years. In addition, she participated in several FBI think-tanks at their Behavioral Sciences Unit in Quantico, Virginia re police abuse in intimate relationships and police homicide-suicide in connection with domestic violence. She has been a vocal and visible advocate, presence and media representative for high profile female inmates in maximum security prisons, making appearances, delivering lectures and giving interviews for print, radio, film and television outlets around the country.

Eleanor Pam, PH.D

Eleanor Pam Ph.D.
President of Veteran Feminists of America


  • Second Wave Feminism
  • Kate Millett
  • Lesbian Heroes (Sheroes) of the Feminist Movement
  • Women in Prison
  • High profile female inmates: Pamela Smart, Jean Harris, Carolyn Wurmas, etc.
  • Domestic Violence (child abuse, elder abuse, intimate relationships)
  • Domestic Violence by Police Officers


  • Speaker, panel, interview, video

Tech Requirements:

  • Microphone, lectern, step stool


  • Variable
  • Expenses & travel required.


  • New York and surrounding area (driving distance) June to early October;
  • South Florida and surrounding area (driving distance) Late October to June.